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The purpose of the Association of Black Nursing Faculty, Inc. (ABNF) is to form and maintain a group whereby Black professional nurses with similar credentials, interest and concerns may work to promote health-related issues and educational interests for the benefit of themselves and the Black community.

Our Purpose

Our Functions

  • Provide a center for communication among members
  • ​Develop strategies for promulgating group concerns to individuals, institutions, and communities
  • Assist members in professional development
  • Develop, initiate, and sponsor continuing education activities
  • Encourage and support research efforts among members
  • Support Black consumer advocacy issues
  • Act and speak on health-related issues of legislation, governmental programs, and community activities
  • Encourage networking and guidance in employment and recruitment activites



Champions for Coverage share publicly available information on health insurance coverage for CMS.gov Marketplace.  Disclaimer: The ABNF, Inc. has consented to share publicly available information to inform and educate.  The ABNF, Inc. has agreed to refrain from suggesting or implying the designation as a "Champion for Coverage" constitutes an endorsement of the organization, its policies, activities or products by HHS or the federal government.  In addition, participating "Champions for Coverage" entities do not become agents, employees or representatives of HHS for any purpose, and undertake their efforts without any expectation of compensation from HHS or any Federal agency.

- Dr. Diana Jones, President, ABNF, Inc.

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- Dr. Diana Jones, President of ABNF, Inc. 
and the theBoard of of Directors