AT-Large Members

Dr. Linda Amankwaa (2016 - 2018)
Dr. Gwenneth C. Simmonds (2016-2018)
Dr. Diana Jones (2017-2019)
Dr. P. Renee Williams (2017 - 2019)

Dr. Patsy R. Smith

President, ABNF Inc.


ABNF Founder
Dr. Sallie Tucker-Allen, FAAN

Contact Information

Honorary Members of the ABNF

Dr. Hattie Bessent, RN, FAAN (deceased)
Dr. M. Elizabeth Carnegie, RN, FAAN (deceased)
Dr. Anna Bailey Coles, RN, FAAN
Dr. Elnora D. Daniel, RN, FAAN
Dr. Rhetaugh Graves Dumas, RN, FAAN (deceased)
Dr. Mary S. Harper, RN, FAAN
Dr. Beverly Malone, RN, FAAN
Fostine Riddick Roach, RN, FAAN
Dr. Hilda Richards, RN, FAAN
Dr. Gloria R. Smith, RN, FAAN
Dr. Juanita W. Fleming, RN, FAAN
Dr. Doris N. Starks, RN, FAAN
​Dr. Regina Williams
​Dr. Mary Ann Anderson

Committee Chairs

Dr. Audwin Fletcher, FAAN, Publications and Communications

Dr. Alice Hill, FAAN, Research
Dr. Gloria McNeal, FAAN, Public Policy
Dr. Linda J. Washington-Brown, States Coordinator
Dr. P. Renee Williams, Education
Dr. Audwin Fletcher, FAAN, Bylaws
Dr. Linda Amankwaa, FAAN, Nominations

Ms. Kimetha Broussard, Finance 

Our President

ABNF Foundation  

Dr. Bess Stewart, FAAN​​

Current ABNF Officers

President (2016-2018):   Dr. Patsy R. Smith
President-Elect (2016-2018): Dr. Audwin Fletcher
Vice President (2017-2019):   Dr. Kathleen Parker
Secretary (2016-2018):   Dr. Patricia Humbles-Peques
Treasurer (2017-2019):   Kimetha Broussard
​Historian (2016-2018):   Dr. Vanessa Johnson
​Parliamentarian (2017-2019):   Dr. Rosie L. Calvin

Board of Directors

Dr. Ernestine Cuellar (2016 - 2018)
Dr. Linda J. Washington-Brown (2016-2018)
Dr. LaDonna Worthington (2017-2019)
Dr. Barbara Washington (2017 - 2019)

Dr. Sallie Tucker-Allen, FAAN

Founder, ABNF Inc. 


Our Founder

Executive Committee of the

Association of Black Nursing Faculty, Inc.