Charter Members of the ABNF

Linda K. Ballard

Sandra Barnes

Linda C. Beaty-Batiste

Clara E. Bell

Doris E. Bell

Ethel D. Bell

Daisy B. Best

Gloria Boseman

Marie J. Bourgeois

Eunice J. Burgess

Ruth Porter Caggins

Bernice W. Carmon

Michele Dacaney

Lucille Davis

Bevelyn Edmonds

Karethy Edwards

Gloria C. Essoka

Emma Felder

Doris E. Ferguson

Portia Foster*

Barbara A. Fowler

Marion F. Gooding

Barbara J. Guthrie

Dorothy Hawthorne-Burdine

Alice S. Hill

Barbara Haynes

Linda Hureston

Beryl B. Jackson

Margie N. Johnson

Fannie M. July

Delores Grant Kirkland

Margaret Lewis​

Vivian C. Foreman-Lilly

Barbara A. Lloyd

Earnesteen Long

Rose M. Mays

Katie McKnight

Eulee Mead-Bennett

Hazel B. Morgan

Catherine Muldrow

Joyce Johnson Neaves

Ngozi O. Nkongho

Georgia B. Padonu

Norma H. Pinkelton

Meryl H. Price

Barbara M. Reid

Mary Alice Saunders Robinson

Shirley Robinson

Stella P. Robinson

Beverly Joyce Ross

Sandra Sayles

Iris R. Shannon

Eva D. Smith

Dolores Smith-Patrinos

F. Louise Spencer-Strachan

Robert Staples

Ruby L. Steele

Bess Stewart

Myra S. Tillis

Helen C. Truss

Sallie Tucker-Allen

Sandra Millon Underwood

Wilma G. Watts

Dorothy D. Williams 

Founding Members of the ABNF

Dr. Sonia Baker

Dr. Sandra Barnes

Dr. Doris E. Bell

Dr. Lucille Davis - deceased

Dr. Bevelyn Edmonds

Dr. Barbara Haynes

Dr. Linda Hureston

Dr. Katie McKnight

Dr. Georgia Padonu

Dr. Meryl Price

Dr. Sandra Sayles

Dr. Iris Shannon

Dr. Eva D. Smith

Dr. Ruby Steele

Dr. Sallie Tucker-Allen

Dr. Sandra Underwood

From a "Gem of an Idea" to a Reality

The "gem of an idea" for an organization of Black nursing faculty took root when Dr. Sallie Tucker-Allen was a doctoral student at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Her dissertation study, Commitment of Leaders of Nursing, gave her the opportunity to locate the 42 Black faculty members teaching in eighteen (18) National League for Nursing accredited baccalaureate schools of nursing in the state of Illinois. She invited the 42 Black faculty members to her home for brunch on September 6, 1986, to which 21 responded. These 21 foresighted women elected a Planning and Advisory Committee and charged them with the task of drawing up a constitution and by-laws for continuation of the group. On March 1, 1987, the by-laws were ratified and the Association of Black Nursing Faculty in Higher Education, Inc., the first name selected became an official organization. Later, the name was shortened to and remains, Association of Black Nursing Faculty, Inc. (ABNF). Founding members of ABNF are those fifteen members from Illinois who worked to form the organization from that first meeting in September 1986 to September 19, 1987 when ABNF became a national organization. Portia Foster of Alabama was the first Black nursing faculty member to join ABNF after the organization became a national organization. The First Annual Meeting with a theme of "Funded Nursing Research: A Critical Issue for Black Faculty" was held on August 6, 1988 at Loews La Enfant Plaza Hotel in Washington, DC. Dr. Hattie Bessent and Dr. Helen Grace received the Lifetime Achievement in Education and Research Awards. Dr. M. Elizabeth Carnegie was selected as the first Honorary Member. Dr. Ada Sue Hinshaw, then director of the National Center for Nursing Research was the first keynote speaker.

Initial Leadership Slate for the ABNF

First ABNF Officers - 1986

President Sallie Tucker-Allen, PhD, RN

Vice President Sonia Baker, MSN, CNA

Secretary Barbara Haynes, PhD, RN

Treasurer Katie McKnight, PhD, RN

First ABNF Board of Directors - 1986

Linda Hureston, ABD

Georgia Padonu, DrPH

Meryl H. Price, ABD

Ruby Steele, ABD

First Standing Committee Chairs - 1986

By-Laws Sonia Baker

Finance Katie McKnight

Program Ruby Steele

Publications & Communications Eva D. Smith

Public Policy Meryl H. Price and Bevelyn Edmonds Research Linda Hureston


Past Presidents of the ABNF

Since its inception in 1988, there have been nine presidents who have served the organization: 1987-1988 Sallie Tucker-Allen, PhD, RN

1988-1990 Sallie Tucker-Allen, PhD, RN

1990-1992 Sallie Tucker-Allen, PhD, RN, FAAN

1992-1994 Johnea Kelley, PhD, RN

1994-1996 Ruth W. Johnson, EdD, RN, FAAN

1996-1998 Joyce G. Bowles, PhD, RN

1998-2000 Bess Stewart, PhD, RN, FAAN

2000-2002 Bess Stewart, PhD, RN, FAAN

2002-2004 Barbara A. Broome, PhD, RN

2004-2006 Marjorie A. Fonza, DNSc, RN

2006-2008 Marjorie A. Fonza-Thomason, DNSc, RN

2008-2010 Karethy (Kay) Edwards, DrPH, APRN-BC

2010-2012  Karethy (Kay) Edwards, DrPH, APRN-BC

2012-2014 Diana P. Jones, EdD, MS, RN

2014-2016 Diana P. Jones, EdD, MS, RN