About ABNF Foundation

The ABNF Foundation was established July 29, 1997 in the State of Delaware. The Foundation was organized as a 501(c)3 for charitable, research, and educational purposes. 


To support and foster the development of nurse researchers. 


To provide funding for educational support for minority nursing faculty, research support for ABNF members, scholarships and fellowships to members of ABNF, opportunities for nurse researchers to obtain extramural funding for initial or continuing research, and grants to minority students pursuing BSN and MSN degrees.

Founding Members:
  • Sallie Tucker-Allen
  • Johnea Kelly
  • Ruth W. Johnson
  • Karethy Edwards
  • Bess Stewart, Fannie July
  • Meryl K. Price
  • Rhetaugh Dumas
  • Beverly H. Robinson
  • Emma Felder
  • Willar F. White-Parson
  • Ruby Steele
Board of Directors:
  • Dr. Karethy Edwards, President
  • Dr. Sharron Crowder, Vice-President
  • Dr. Ronnie Ursin, Treasurer
  • Dr. Voncella McCleary-Jones, Secretary
  • Dr. Audwin Fletcher
  • Dr. John Lowe
  • Dr. Kyndall Mammah

Support the work of ABNFF

Donating to the ABNFF is an impactful investment in advancing nursing education, research, and healthcare equity. By supporting the ABNFF, you contribute to the empowerment of Black nursing faculty, researchers, and practitioners, amplifying their voices and promoting diversity in the nursing profession. Your donation helps fund scholarships, research grants, and educational programs that enable the development of culturally competent healthcare providers and facilitate the reduction of health disparities. Join us in making a meaningful difference in healthcare by donating to the ABNFF today.