The purpose of The ABNFF Journal is to: (a) serve as a vehicle for publication of original research, and other health related manuscripts, materials and reviews written by minority and non-minority nursing faculty members in higher education; (b) communicate these research and other findings to the membership of ABNF and interested others; (c) serve as a linchpin for Black nursing faculty members with similar research interests; and (d) aid Black nursing faculty members in keeping current on research related to Black health care issues long neglected by other nursing publications ABNF members and others are invited to submit research papers, ideas, experiences, case studies, and book reviews. 

Before submitting your manuscript, review the manuscript submission process below. Contact us,, with any questions or comments. 





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THE Manuscript Submission Process

Learn about the editorial process


The ABNFF Journal is published three (3) times per year. Submission of manuscripts and other materials will be peer reviewed by at least three members of the Editorial Review Board.

When submitting manuscripts and other materials with multiple authors, please indicate the primary author who will receive all correspondence. In compliance with the Copyright Revision Act of 1976, query and transmittal letters accompanying materials should contain the following statement:

In consideration of The ABNFF Journal’s reviewing and editing my submission, the author(s) undersigned transfers, assigns, and otherwise conveys all copyright ownership to ABNF Foundation, in the event that such work is published in The ABNFF Journal.

Manuscript submission checklist


This form allows you to submit all items within the manuscript submission checklist. 

  1. IRB approval letter (as applicable)
  2. Bio for all authors. Three to four sentences for each author (limit of 500 characters). Please submit your bio and review the APA headings and guidelines. The bio should include your current role and institution.
  3. Plagiarism report 
  4. Warranty agreement for all authors. Download the warranty agreement here. Distribute the form to each author, collect signature, upload all agreements.
  5. Manuscript submitted for Grammarly review with appropriate edits.
  6. Manuscript format based on the ABNFJ style guide including APA 7th edition.
  7. Corresponding authors email and phone number.

In order to submit your manuscript each item in the checklist must be submitted through the form. 


Learn about the manuscript form


Manuscripts should be typed in standard manuscript form as outlined in the latest edition of the American Psychological Association Publication Manual, e.g., double-spaced; 1-1/2 inch margins. Abbreviations should be spelled out the first time they are used. Separate pages should be used for the title page, the author(s) biographical sketch(es), the abstract with the key words, acknowledgment, references, tables and figures, typed one to a page, with legends.

The title page contains the title of the manuscript, which should be short, and the name and address of the author(s), which should appear nowhere else on the manuscript. Upon acceptance of your work, all authors and co-authors will be requested to sign a release form.

A few important notes about your manuscript:

  1. The abstract should never exceed 100- 150 words.
  2. Up to five index words should be listed on the key words page following the abstract.
  3. Each page should be numbered consecutively, beginning with the title page.
  4. The body of the manuscript should not exceed 14 pages (3500 words).
  5. Please DO NOT utilize hard returns at the end of each line in the reference section - allow the word processor to perform default word/line wrapping.
  6. At the beginning of each paragraph, please use a preset TABBED INDENT (vs. spaces).
  7. Italicize references in your reference lists and do not underline.
  8. Ensure that only the title page contains any reference to the author(s).
  9. All research studies must include a statement related to IRB approval.
  10. Do not include tables within the body of the text. Place each table on a separate page at the end of the document.
  11. Letters of consent for publication of patient photographs must accompany the manuscript if patient identification is possible. Parental consent or consent of legal guardian must be obtained to permit publication of a photograph of a minor.
  12. Illustrations, pictures, photos, tables, graphs, maps, schematic diagrams, charts, artwork, conceptual models or quotations must be fully identified as to author and source. If text material totaling 200 words or more is borrowed verbatim or if illustrations, tables, etc. are borrowed, written permission must be obtained from both the publisher and author. Letters granting this permission should be forwarded with the manuscript.
  13. ALL figures must be provided in black and white (no color).
  14. Ensure that all hyperlinks are current and accessible and the citations are within the last seven years.
  15. Letters to the editor are published at the Editor’s discretion and should follow the guidelines for manuscript preparation. A transmittal letter containing copyright assignment should accompany the letter to the editor.