Scholarships, Internships, & Awards

Undergraduate Student Scholarship

The purpose of the ABNF Nursing Scholarship for Undergraduate Student is to provide scholarship aid to professional nursing students.

Sallie Tucker-Allen Graduate Scholarship

The Sallie Tucker-Allen Student Scholarship for Graduate Students is designed to address the shortage of nursing faculty and African American nurse educators in the United States. African American graduate students who are currently working as faculty members or those who plan to become nurse educators at one of the U.S. colleges or universities are encouraged to apply.

Research Grant Awards

The ABNF Small Grant Award is to support and promote the advancement of education research, practice, and nursing science. Funds are available for quantitative and qualitative research on a wide range of topics relevant to nursing. Preference is given to research that is not being conducted for course credit.  

Dissertation Awards

The ABNF Dissertation Award is designed to support the research of doctoral students enrolled in a nursing research-focused program. The award is planned to assist students in the development and/or implementation of their dissertation work. Quantitative and qualitative research dissertations on a wide range of topics relevant to nursing and nursing practice are accepted.

Nurse in Washington Internship Application

The ABNF NIWI Award will support the attendance of one ABNF member at the Nurse in Washington Internship (NIWI) program.  The NIWI is held in Washington, DC.  The highly regarded NIWI program is sponsored by the Nursing Organizations Alliance, a coalition to create a strong voice for nurses, teaches nurses how to influence health policy at the local and national levels.  Nurses visit Capitol Hill and acquire the skills needed to work with legislators to advance policies and agendas.