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Public Policy Briefs

2021 - Promoting COVID-19 Vaccine Dissemination Among African Americans

 The Association of Black Nursing Faculty, Inc (ABNF) recognizes that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to have a devastating impact on Americans' health, primarily ethnic minorities. Remarkably, ethnic minorities continue to have more COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and higher mortality rates than their White counter-parts. Read More

2020 - ABNF Statement on the Coronavirus Impact on African Americans

The Association of Black Nursing Faculty (ABNF) acknowledges numerous reports that underscore the severe impact the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on African Americans across the United States. Read More

2018 - ABNF Statement on the Detention and Separation of Children and Families Entering the US

The detention and separation of immigrant children from their parents is unjust, inhumane, illegal, and a national tragedy. The Association of Black Nursing Faculty joins hundreds of nursing and medical organizations in calling for the reunification of these children with their parents with all deliberate speed. Read More

2017 - ABNF Statement on Incivility

 The Association of Black Nursing Faculty (ABNF) strongly advocates for the continuous vigilance of nurses and nursing faculty to increase and implement interventions to decrease incivility within the nursing profession, patient care set-tings, as well as within the general community. Read More

2014 - ABNF Statement on Ebola Virus

The Association of Black Nursing Faculty (ABNF) strongly advocates for the continuous referencing of Ebola guide-lines as developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in this evolving situation. We are closely monitoring the modifications to practice protocol, and will share our under-standing of the most current revisions to the guidelines from authoritative sources, to keep the ABNF membership abreast of the safest manner by which care can be delivered to patients diagnosed with the Ebola virus.  Read More

2010 - Endorsement of APNs as Independent Practitioners

 The Association of Black Nursing Faculty (ABNF) strongly advocates for the autonomous practice and recognition of Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) as independent care providers by all local, state, and federal healthcare agencies and third party payors nationwide.   Read More