President's Message


The Association of Black Nursing Faculty, Inc. (ABNF) welcomes you back from a summer; hopefully, of rest, restoration, and relaxation! The mission of ABNF to promote and widely disseminate the research and other scholarly works of the minority nurse academician that remain relevant. We had an awesome Annual Meeting and Scientific Conference. As we gained the most recent evidence and research, we were able to make new and strengthen current connections, and reconnect with others.

What was evident upon talking and visiting with the attendees was the impact and necessity of ABNF as an organization and as a community resource. ABNF’s ability to survive and thrive during the “Covid years” of 2020-2021 was predicated on the organization’s willingness to evolve and shift with the times in response to the needs of the communities and populations served.

My presidential platform for 2022-2024 will focus on three key areas: Honoring the Legacy, Engaging the Present, and Leaning into the Future.

Honoring the Legacy

Dr. Sallie Tucker-Allen saw the need for Black faculty to have a platform to grow as academicians and to be mentored and supported; thus she gathered the first group of faculty in her living room to do just that. From a “gem of an idea” has grown into what is now ABNF. Are you an experienced faculty, tenured professor, program director, educator, administrator, Dean or Associate Dean, editor, and/or researcher? Please sign up to be a mentor, provide your contact email, phone #, area of expertise, and availability for mentorship through our contact form. We will compile (expand) the mentor and speaker repository from which to match requests and needs of current and new members as well as support community engagement opportunities. The goal is from among the current membership we can draw from the rich and deep professional resources to grow and enrich the organization. Our charge is to keep the promise of the founding members and support the future of ABNF.


Engaging the Present

These past few years have served to bring into focus the necessary and compel us to sort through the distractions. Engaging the present is about being mindful, engaging for the sake of the experience. How do we regain our enthusiasm? As we become fully involved in the work of the organization, let’s focus on building strong partnerships, growing membership, and enhancing marketing. Building on the charge from the presidency of Dr. Audwin Fletcher, ABNF presence on all social media and professional platforms is a must! How can you support the communications & marketing committee promoting ABNF on LinkedIn, Indeed, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and searchable on major website providers? Bring your focus and presence to the table in support of transforming ABNF. If you have media expertise and would like to serve with either of these committees please send your name, area of expertise, email address and cell number through our contact form. By preserving the past and engaging the present we are changing the future.

Leaning Into the Future

Drawing on the legacy to affect change ABNF can begin to address the current learning crisis in a transformational manner. This requires bold vision and pioneering opportunities to build beyond our current structure. What opportunities and areas of faculty education are yet to be engaged in the organization? Where and what are the challenges facing today’s faculty that can be supported through ABNF? I welcome your support and ideas as we “Lean Into the Future” of ABNF.

Let’s transform ABNF together.