President's Message


Dear ABNF Members, Happy New Year! 

We collectively hope that each person and family had a year-end winter break that was fabulous, and that each of you took some time to refuel and recharge your personal energies. Whether you enjoy time with family and friends, or time to yourself, there is no doubt the 2020 holidays posed new challenges related to masking, smaller celebrations, distancing, and sanitizing. The ABNF, Inc. Board of Directors (BOD) encourages members to take care of yourself and each other so we have the energies to take care of our responsibilities. 

Nurses are often the purveyors of excellent suggestions to patients, families, peers, and students about stress reduction activities aimed at protecting mental health. Let’s listen together to the advice we offer: 

Whether you have a home office on a corporate office in a building, take time for some easy stretches during the day. Find information and examples at Pilates by Lisa for three easy, restorative stretches:

Khidekel (2021) suggests personal strategies for getting back into the groove after the holiday break. Her suggestions include ‘discarding, decluttering, and reorganizing’ in some really specific ways. The site contains suggestions for how to recapture your focus and your time.

Dedicate time to creating, cultivating, and maintaining a positive mindset. Practice your favorite and most effective method of mindfulness, including focused breathing, meditation, prayerfulness, and recognition of the good around you. Create and emanate the positive energy necessary to embrace responsibility. Use your voice through teaching, research, scholarship, and practice to participate in solution-finding for the issues facing the profession, the health consumer, society, and the global community. The ABNF, Inc. mission and vision are bold. Let’s renew, refresh, and rebuild the energies needed to face the challenges.  

Therefore, ABNF members, maintain safe precautions: be well, be safe. Opt in for vaccination. Mask, distance, and keep informed. Renew and rejuvenate!